Lynn Hill

Professional Inspirational & Leadership Development Speaking, Mind-set Training, Inspirational Columnist, Poet, Author, Transformation Practitioner, Executive, Leadership & Life Coach

Favourite topics of speeches
The Power of Paradigms, Living without Labels, Transcending Pain, Finding Purpose, Re-claiming Power, Karmic Leadership, Lead as you want to be Led, Facing Fear, Finding Freedom

Number of performances over the past 2 years
Approx 25

The three best events you performed at
Woman of Stature. Woman Impact Speaker Bureau Speakers Showcasing, Jan 2019 rated as best speaker ( feedback from Nausheena Mohammed – Journalist & videographer)
Mother’s Day Lunch (May 2019) –standing ovation of 80 Women
WICF Launch CT (3 June 2019) Poetry and Mcí’ng

References to video of performances

If you have any training/master-class products: which ones would you develop with us?
Personal Mastery/ Self- Leadership, Personal Brand Development, Emotional Intelligence & Leadership Development

What results you aim to achieve as a speaker and/or coach in 2018 and the next 5 years?
Sustainably change the thinking and consciousness on a global scale, host and co-host events on every continent and entrench that impact through my books and inspirational products which will be translated into 17 Languages. I would want to be associated with a self- driven global movement called # 365 still to be launched through which I would want to quantify impact.

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