Elena Orlova

Please tell us why you have chosen this way of influence to share and how fulfilling this role has influenced your own life or career?

Ever since i was a child, I have always invented something, and not just for the sake of ideas, but immediately realized them.

Creativity helped me discover and manage the 5-star Gallery Park Hotel & SPA, which I created from scratch. After all, making business such as an individual hotel (not a network) is a continuous creative at all stages of work with guests (from reception to events of the highest level).

We live in impressions economy era and people, in addition to a product or service, need impressions and positive emotions. I constantly invent new original "shticks" for guests and introduce them to the hotel.

My acquaintance with the Theory of Emotional Intelligence led me to the development of the original exit program “Games of Emotions” - this is a comfortable trip with the study of the theory of emotional intelligence, and the most important thing is the “practice” of various emotions through activity. The feedback from the participants speaks about the usefulness of this program - after people begin to understand and control their own emotions and emotions of others better, many important changes take place: someone has been promoted, someone has established relationships with relatives with whom he has not communicated a lot years and so on.

And the fact that the tour participants are now recruiting their own groups and asking to organize “Games of Emotions” for them is an important indicator for me that I’m doing not only my interesting creative project (and each group is a new project, a new challenge, new tasks for participants, new expectations), but also useful for people.

Please, share a role-related mission statement expressing how you try and live your life personally and professionally?

I am inspired by new tasks, I like to find an original solution, “out of the box” but according to the principle “why not yes”? And the more complex the task, the more interesting it is to find its creative solution. I like to invent something new that may not even be necessity, but it is important for me to create it. And I support the creative ideas of my loved ones, and help them make last edits to reach a tangible result.

Please share with us briefly how you reached where you are today and what were the biggest challenges you faced along the way?

I believe that if idea came to my mind then most likely, someone else will like it and it can became interesting and useful project.
I constantly learn something new, for me new knowledge and skills are a driver of creative ideas. I hear and see them everywhere and immediately write them down in order to take the most interesting ones from them for realization.

Please, share one or several most important achievements or career highlights that you have achieved when carrying out your selected way of influence.

I took over the project of opening and managing a 5-star premium-level hotel, without having a special hotel education and experience in the hotel industry. At that time I didn’t know how diverse and difficult work was in different departments of the hotel, and that we, as clients, see only about 30 percent of the staff, and the rest as “fighters of the invisible front” ensure the functioning of all systems and the comfort of guests. And without knowing all these nuances, I decided to create a hotel with all the best — from the unique interiors of the rooms and Limoges porcelain for breakfast to personal service.

It took several years, but I am glad that our guests appreciate our approach and remain our regular guests for 10 years.

What challenges do you see women in the future facing when fulfilling the same way of influence and what particular advice for them based on your experience?

I think that if a person is creative thinking, then he\she will find where to realize his\her creativity. The main advice that I would give to creative people: Delicately implement your ideas. It often happens that creative people look down on others, sometimes overestimating themselves and underestimating others. But any most original and beautiful idea can be realized almost always only by a team of people, if we are talking about business ideas. And we need to appreciate the contribution of other people to the realization of their creativity.

How do you see women in this way of influence being able to influence or create specific improvements to the global community in the future, perhaps in business, politically or society in general?

The famous proverb says, “The husband is the head, and the wife is the neck. Where the neck turns, head looks". This proverb can be extrapolated to all areas of life. Women in general are inherent in influencing much. And if each of us will use our creative ideas and abilities at least at the level of our large or small circle of influence (family, friends, business, colleagues, etc.), then this can be represented as the following metaphor. Everyone knows how a small pebble, falling into the water, creates circles on the water. So, if each creative idea will be, like this pebble, create circles of people involved in it, then these circles will expand and there will be more people involved in the creative process.

Please share a statement of what you believe to be the most important change we need to achieve with our community to support women globally in the future:

It is possible between the annual forums to hold thematic networking meetings with members of the community, invite the speaker on the current topic and share with each other useful experience.

Organizing programs for the development and training of women on non-trivial global themes, it is possible to conduct on-site training programs with a variety of activities for recreation.

You can organize friendly visits of women's communities from different countries to each other for dating and cultural exchange.